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About Anywho

AnyWho is part of the YPSM family of brands, which focuses on local search products and services. To learn more about the products and services that empower consumers to find, connect and transact with businesses across the devices and interactive platforms they use most, go to the YPSM Marketing Solutions site.

Listing Information and Disclaimer

White Pages (Find a Person/Reverse Lookup)

The personal identifying information available on AnyWho is provided solely by Intelius, Inc. and is derived from Public Records, Publicly Available Information and Commercial Records. Public Records consist of information that is maintained by government agencies and is generally available, such as property title and lien documents, birth and death certificates, business records, and court records. Publicly Available Information consists of online and offline information that is generally available but is not maintained by a government agency, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of individuals and businesses, professional licensing and trade organization information, press releases and newspaper articles. Commercial Records consist of records maintained by enterprises that are available for purchase, such as mailing and telemarketing lists, phone connect and disconnect information, and business profile data.

Yellow Pages (Find a Business)

Yellow Pages listings (searches by category or name) are obtained from and are updated on a regular basis. Individual business listings can be updated at any time by customer request.

Updating or Removing Listings

White Pages (Find a Person/Reverse Lookup)

All listing information appears as it was provided by Intelius. If you feel that residential information you have found is inaccurate, it may be due to relocations or telephone number changes that occurred since the last update. These listings will be made current in our databases with the next scheduled update. For more information on updating listings, please see our FAQs.

Non-published directory assistance records are not provided, and are not displayed. If you want your residential listing removed, you have a couple of options:

  • To have your listing unpublished, please contact your local telephone company.
  • To have your listing removed from AnyWho without obtaining a non-published telephone number, please follow the instructions provided in AnyWho Listing Removal and we will submit your listing for removal.

Yellow Pages (Find a Business)

If you need to update or remove a Yellow Pages business listing, please search for the listing on and suggest an edit or claim your listing on the Business Profile Page.