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Find a Business FAQ

Where does AnyWho get its directory information?

Yellow Pages text listings are provided by YP. To purchase Yellow Pages advertising for your business, add a basic listing or enhance your existing one, please contact YP directly.

Basic business listings are complimentary, and offers a variety of ways to improve your listing's visibility. Click here to request more information about advertising on

What's included in the complimentary online business listing on

The complimentary listing includes:

  • Business name, address and phone number
  • Business classification (heading) assignment
  • Internet service area (directory) assignment, based on the business' ZIP code
  • Links to maps and driving directions
How often is the database updated?

YP updates its business listings on on a regular basis. Individual business listings can be updated at any time by customer request.

How do I change or update my listing?

You can add a new listing or change an existing one by following the appropriate links on