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Find a Business FAQ

Where does AnyWho get its directory information?

Yellow Page text listings are provided by To purchase Yellow Pages advertising, add a basic listing or enhance your existing one, please contact directly.

Basic business listings are complimentary, and offers a variety of ways to improve your listing's visibility. Click here to request more information about advertising on

What's included in the complimentary online Yellow Pages listing on

The complimentary listing includes:

  • Business name, address and phone number
  • Business classification (heading) assignment
  • Internet service area (directory) assignment, based on the business' ZIP code
  • Links to maps and driving directions
How often is the database updated? updates its business listings on a regular basis. Individual business listings can be updated at any time by customer request.

How do I change or update my listing?

You can add a new listing or change an existing one by following the appropriate links on